This day last year I ran a 5-mile turkey trot. If you haven't already heard the news I can't run..until after Christmas. This also means Track in the spring is out of the question. So what am I thankful for? That I can still cross train like a mad woman. That I have a BEAUTIFUL bike waiting for me to ride it. (tomorrow planning on a nice cruise.) and that today I am not feeling so sick anymore.
I went mountain biking yesterday and was literally coughing up blood. probably from my sinus's. Saturday after swimming, I am planning on going to Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park-again. It is awesome there!

Theres a quick post, runner girl


My newest endeavor: a biathlon (:
I talked to my doctor and technically I'm cleared to run one/however there is concern as the race will be on asphalt. All of my training up until this point has been on grass or hard surfaces so my ankle wont bother me. I recently got fitted for a pair of orthonics, and currently have been trying to break them in so I can run with them. I emailed my doctor and now am waiting for the response. (:

Heres been my workouts the past few days (cross has officially started! my first meet is the 28th of this month)

Today: easy 5 recovery pace

Yesterday: mile repeats x3 (run a mile/take break/repeat)
special dumbbell workout 12lbs.
resistance running and arm work

Monday: pushing the pace/ 6 miler : 51:50 overall time


God designed something beautiful. its called running. a simple motion of putting one foot in front of the other and repeating. arm movements are encouraged. Unlike many of God's creations, his idea of running is quite simple;science is confusing to mankind, but running isn't too hard to be explained. The repetitive movement offers a sense of order, challenge for speed, and unity with one's body. I sometimes choose to listen to music on my runs of 5 miles plus/or on runs where I need some more rhythm; on my playlist you will find many contemporary worship tunes, which help me tap into meditation of God's glory and appreciate his wonderful creation.

Injuries. These are stress fractures, broken bones, pulled muscles, and even soreness: anything setting one back from pulling through to the next run---legitimately. The devil usually has some counterfeit to God's ideas, and injuries prevent the scheme of normal running from happening. I have been blessed with two. blessed? blessed only because I have overcame those injuries and have further improved---commitment and mental stamina.

My post comes to a close as cross country is in the morn. (:
-Runner girl.


runner girl: july 3rd run

my blog up until this point has been more of a journal style---this shall be renovated. As most of my current readers know, I am recently recovering and in the healing process from a gnarly fracture in my left ankle. I have began to jot down my thoughts in my runners world blog (http://www.runnersworld.com/community/persona/index.jsp?plckPersonaPage=PersonaBlog&plckUserId=1000010000225301&UID=1000010000225301) but, I am also going to be posting some days on this blog.

here's my journal entry for my saturday run:

Today I ran alone. Another early morning. I was super sore from weightlifting and resistance squats of the previous morning. My ankle continued to throb a little. I think I was in denial at first, but undoubtably its my bone. It was probably the same pain levely as last time I ran but about a half-n-hour after I stopped I felt a lot more directed pain. The icing definitely helps.
Later in the dat my ankle had swelled, and had a bit of a burning sensation. I resolved this by icing, which helped a lot. During the day I've made sure I wear running shoes during the day for the extra support.

~R U N. (:


if I could kiss the sky, trust me, that would be the first thing I would do. (:

I am back from another little voyage: this one was to Ashland University where I stayed for a week and attended "Buckeye Girls State" (commonly known as BGS.) Sponsored by the American Legion, it was a week long event learning all about Ohio's government, and a pretense model government where all 900 girls who attended had a position. Each of us were apart of a 'city:' which was the floor of the dorm we were on. The dorm building as a whole was a county, and put all of the cities and counties together and you have a STATE. Within these cities, counties, and state there were positions/jobs: I ran for governor off the bat at the county level by giving a speech (with my running shoes; from then on I was referred to as 'runner girl.) I didn't make it, but persuaded by my city girls I ran for lieutenant governor and made it to the next level. From there I had to give another speech this time in from of half the state (we were split up into two political parties.) I received the top number of votes and was paired with the governor candidate who also received the top number of votes. Then as a pair we campaigned, and really got to know everyone there we could. Optimism and relate ability got us to the next step as a pair. We had to debate against the other candidates. I received 3 questions about the party platform, and after a very nail biting election they announced my name as winner of 2010 lieutenant governor. However, there was a lot to come: and I will summarize by saying I don't think I want to pursue a occupation in politics. At the end of the conference I was asked to give the closing prayer and dismissal. (: This was not a christian program, but I met so many christians and together we promoted GOD.

-miss organic lady


the almost runner

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Today was about relaxation, anticipation, friendship, and appointments.
The day started with a nice little breakfast at the coffee shop on the square. I read my new favorite book about injury prevention. [Apparently this is one of the few scenarios in my life where complete perfection is present--to those of you who have read my previous post.]
I had a lovely chat at a friend's house. [;)] Then I had to move on to my doctor's appointment. My fracture is healing, which means I can take off my cast/boot. However, the full recovery time is primarily 6-8 weeks for a fracture, and I have had the boot on only 4. I will be able to run again on July first. I have signed up and been approved to attend a cross country camp held the last week of July, and my doctor, who helps run the camp, said I shall be able to attend still. Please keep me in your prayers! I've made a new resolution to not just run for myself, but to really run for God. [Chariots of Fire comes to mind.]


they've named themselves by their blogs

Blogs. What's so neat about them is they are easy to access, (some) fun to read, and individualized to their authors likings. You can learn a lot about a person from just one post: how they deal with anger, disappointment, happiness, and other feelings on a day to day basis. Some bloggers steer from the "diary" style and opt for picture posts or inspirational stories. Another thing you can learn from blogs is the character/heart of the blogger. If the posts are screaming the perfection of the bloggers life daily, chances are that person IS NOT real. However, reading the comments also lets you in on some secrets. In the example of the 'perfect blog' comments may be left by fellow perfectionists, or followers who are simply baffled by the obstacle that they cannot fit as much as that blogger does in one day. The comments are probably the only way that you can tell if that blogger is actually perfect or a least pulling it off to the majority of the population. Probably the BEST thing about blogs is different opinions. Whether stated without knowing any of the facts, or with supporting links are pictures, bloggers enjoy having a voice in this technology-filled age. Even better? YOU have the power to choose what you will say.